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Proposal to build a Tunnel under

Princes Street



A proposal to build a tunnel under Princes Street, as a service road for delivery vehicles, was announced on July 22, 2006.  Some of the  delivery vehicles currently use Princes Street; others use Rose Street Lane.


-  The tunnel would run from the West End of Princes Street to Jenners  -  almost the full length of Princes Street - beneath the lane carrying traffic from west to east.

-  Vehicles would enter the tunnel via a lift at one end of Prince Street, , probably installed within an existing building.

These proposals have been made by the Edinburgh City Centre Management Company (ECCM), and have been welcomed by several of the city centre stores.  The cost of the tunnel is estimated to to be 120m.  It is proposed that the tunnel would be privately funded.

Work on the tunnel could begin within 3 years, and it is thought that it would not be necessary to close Princes Street to traffic during the building work.

ECCM stressed that the plans for this tunnel are still at an early stage.

Underground Car Parks

ECCM are also considering proposals for underground car parks in Edinburgh, beginning with one in Chamber Street in front of the Royal Museum, possibly to be followed by others beneath the West End, Grassmarket and George Street.

Edinburgh Evening News:  July 22, 2006,  pp. 1,8-9



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