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Gordon MacKenzie, owner of Hi-Fi Corner stereo shop in Edinburgh, had hoped to operate a fleet of motorised rickshaws, known as tuk-tuks in during the 2008 Festival.  These vehicles have a top speed of 30mph and run on LPG fuel.

He planned to sell tickets to hire the vehicles through Edinburgh Fringe venues and had receive the backing of Pleasance Theatre. 

However, he has been told by Edinburgh Council that the vehicles do not meet the standards of private hire vehicles and there was concern about congestion at his proposed base in the Pleasance, so he has now decided not to go ahead with this venture.

A similar rickshaw operation in Brighton, England, was recently withdrawn following a dispute over licensing of the vehicles.

Edinburgh Evening News:  February 19, 2008:  p.21.



Road Trains

Road Train - 1

Canadian-born Les Maitland has applied for a street-trader's licence to operate a 'road train', from Easter to October,  on one of several routes identified through Edinburgh Old Town.

Edinburgh Council and the Police have expressed concern over the vehicle's speed and manoeuvrability, believing that it would be likely to cause congestion.  It would have a loco and three carriages and would carry up to 72 passengers.  It would travel at close to walking pace.

A similar 'road train' is currently operating in York, England.

Edinburgh Evening News:  March 1, 2008:  p.3.


The proposals above were rejected by Edinburgh Council in March 2008.

Road Train - 2

Glasgow-based, Hungarian Entrepreneur, Peter Palinkas, has applied for a street-trader's licence to operate a 'road train' (which he describes as a 'fun train') as an all-year-round service through Edinburgh Old Town.  It would start at Johnston Terrace and each journey would last about 30 minutes.

The 'road train' would have a loco and two carriages and would carry about 60 passengers.  It would have a maximum speed of 15mph.

A decision on whether or not the train will be allowed to operate is expected in the next couple of months.

Edinburgh Evening News:  January 29, 2009:  p.3.



Bike Hire


Edinburgh councillors are about to call in external consultants to help draw up a business plan for a bike hire scheme in the city.  This follows the results of a feasibility study that has estimated a demand for 12,000 bike hires a day in the city from a mix of students, tourists, commuters and office workers.

The scheme might mirror one of the schemes already in operation in Europe. 

-  The scheme in Paris charges the most for hire, at 12 for 3 hours.

-  The scheme in Brussels is the cheapest, at 1.60 for 3 hours.

The cost of setting up a scheme for the hire of 800 bikes in Leith has been estimated at 2.8m.  The Evening News reports that the scheme would initially focus on the tram route, but could later be extended to the New Town, Stockbridge, Marchmont and Merchiston, with 2,500 biked in operation.

Edinburgh Evening News:  February 19, 2008:  p.21.


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