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Waverley Steps

May 2006

Lift and Escalators

As part of the first phase of a proposed 750m overhaul of Waverley Station, it is planned to to start work in January 2006 on installing a lift and escalators with a steel and glass cover at Waverley Steps.

The steps lead lead from Edinburgh Waverley Station to Princes Street, and can provide a windy introduction to Edinburgh.

Valentine's Postcard  - Waverley Steps  -  Posted 1936

Detailed plans will be included in an exhibition at Waverley Station to open on 12 May 2005.

Edinburgh Evening News:  May 11, 2005, p.6.

August 2006


Work has yet to begin on the 6.6m installation of two escalators and two lifts, encased in a glass and steel canopy, beside the windswept Waverly Steps, built in 1867. 

This work was due to have begun in January 2006.

The latest delay is because Rocco Forte Hotel Group, the owners of Balmoral Hotel,  beside the Waverly Steps, is refusing to allow work to proceed.  They are concerned that views of Edinburgh Castle from the hotel would be obscured.

Earlier this year, Network Rail amended their plans following objections from the hotel group, but Rocco Forte are demanding that further changes be made to the plans.

Edinburgh Evening News:  August 17, 2005, p.11.

January 2007

Work may begin 2007

Owners of the Balmoral Hotel have now drawn up new plans for Waverly Steps that would ensure that views of Edinburgh Castle form the hotel were not spoiled.  Network Rail are reported to be looking favourably on these plans.

So work on the steps may be able to begin in 2007 -  but probably not until December because detailed work on the steps has first to be completed and planning permission sought.

Edinburgh Evening News:  January 23, 2005, p.8



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