Nelson Monument

Thomas Vernon Begbie  -  late 1850s

Nelson Monument on Calton Hill  -  Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags

Nelson Monument on Calton Hill - Photograph by Begbie

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Nelson Monument

Nelson Monument stands near the top of Calton Hill.  Here it can be seen with Queen's Park - Arthrur's Seat and Salisbury Crags - in the background.  

The monument is in the shape of an upturned telescope.  It has a white circular 'time ball' which is raised shortly before 1pm and lowered at 1pm, originally to allow the shipping in the Forth to check the time of day.

The One o' Clock Gun at Edinburgh Castle is now fired at 1pm to signal the time.  For a period in the 19th century the Time Ball was likned by an overhead  wire stretching across Waverley Valley to the Overhead Gun, so that the lowering of the time ball automatically fired the gun.

The photographer and astronomer, Charles Piazzi Smith was responsible for making these arrangements.


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