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The Firth of Forth runs along the northern part of this aerial view, with the old North British railway line from Granton Harbour (now a cycle path) curving inland down the left-hand side of this view and into the tunnel (lower-left) under Trinity Road.

Starbank Park with its formal garden layout can be seen centre-right near the top of this view.

North-east Trinity  -  1947

Aerial view of North-west Trinity  -   1947

  Reproduced courtesy of RCAHMS


Key to the aerial view of north-east Trinity  -  1947

  The aerial photograph to which this key has been added is reproduced courtesy of RCAHMS


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Aerial View of North-west Trinity, including Lomond Park  -  1947


Aerial views of Trinity  -  1947

Aerial Views of Trinity



Wardie School -  1930s to 1980s

Granton + Trinity + Wardie  -  1940s

Granton + Trinity + Wardie - 1950s to 1960s


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