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Docks Entrance


Leith Docks  -  Entrance

W R & S Ltd  -  Photograph from the early-1900s  -  Docks Entrance, Leith

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Leith Docks  -  Entrance

A good variety of boats can be seen in this picture.

This view looks inland to the south, towards the swing bridge over which the railway used to run into Leith Docks.  The bridge is close to The Shore at Leith.

This photograph was used for a postcard.  I have a copy of the card.   It was sent through the post in 1903.

 Post Card  -  Entrance to Leith Docks  - Posted 1903


This photograph appeared in the W R & S Ltd album,
 "Edinburgh and Vicinity"

    Cover of a W R & S Album of Photographs  -  published in the early 1900s



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