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Foot of the Walk


The Foot of Leith Walk

W R & S Ltd  -  Photograph from the early-1900s  -  Foot of The Walk, Leith

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The Foot of Leith Walk

Leith Walk is a broad street, about two miles long, linking Edinburgh and Leith.  The northern end, where it meets Great Junction Street, Constitution Street and Duke Street in Leith is known as "The Foot of the Walk" (or "The Fit o' the Walk").

This view looks to the north down the last few yards of Leith Walk with its mix of electric trams, horse-drawn vehicles and hand-carts.


This photograph appeared in the W R & S Ltd album,
 "Edinburgh and Vicinity"

    Cover of a W R & S Album of Photographs  -  published in the early 1900s



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