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Princes Street

Princes Street  -  looking east from the New Club

W R & S Ltd prhotograph from around the early 1900s  -  Looking to the east along Princes Street from the New Club

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Princes Street

Looking east from the New Club

This photograph was taken from Princes Street, outside the New Club (on the north side of the street between the Frederick Street junction and the Hanover Street junction.

Pedestrians are wearing long dresses and hats.  Princes Street is busy with horse-drawn traffic and  few pedestrians.

The prominent buildings are (left to right):

Nelson Monument just visible on Calton Hill

-  tower of the North British Hotel

-  the Scott Monument

-  the Royal Scottish Academy at the foot of the Mound with the statue of Queen Victoria on the roof.


This photograph appeared in the W R & S Ltd album,
 "Edinburgh and Vicinity"

    Cover of a W R & S Album of Photographs  -  published in the early 1900s



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