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Stockbridge  -  Kerr Street

W R & S photograph from around the early 1900s  -  Stockbridge

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Stockbridge lies about half a mile to the north of the West End of Princes Street.

The buildings and street lay-out look very similar today, about a hundred years after the photograph was taken.

In this photo, a cable car can be seen heading to the north from the centre of Edinburgh, down Kerr Street towards the junction with Hamilton Place (leading to the right to Canonmills, just beyond the cable-car).

Straight ahead, in Deanhaugh street, are:

-  on the left:  a church (now converted to residential apartments)

-  on the right:  the clock tower of a bank, now converted to a pizza restaurant


This photograph appeared in the W R & S Ltd album,
 "Edinburgh and Vicinity"

    Cover of a W R & S Album of Photographs  -  published in the early 1900s



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