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Alfred H Wall

The views of Alfred H Wall must have been  well known to the readership of the British Journal of Photography.  He wrote on a wide range of photographic topics, in many cases relating to photography and art.

Here are the titles of some of his lectures published in the BJP.  The latest article that I have found is from 1868.

[I have not been able to check any of the photographic journals prior to 1861]

British Journal of Photography  -  1861

A Few Hints on Composition and Keeping p.8
An Appeal to Practical Photographers p.126
On Sharpness.  What is it? p.201
Another "Half Brick" p.235

British Journal of Photography  -  1862

On Photographic Reproduction p.145

Exhibition Gossip

A series of notes from January to August on the Great Exhibition held in London in 1862

pp.128, 149, 172, 186, 208,  230,  255,  273

An Artist's Letters to a Young Photographer

A series of lectures on landscape photography

pp.11, 29, 47, 68, 90, 131
212, 253, 314

British Journal of Photography  -  1863

A Bit about a Certain Discussion and of sundry comments made thereon

One of a series of notes under the heading 'Bits of Chat'

This article discusses glass houses and the lighting of the sitters.

Thomas Sutton BA on Art Photography

[Alfred H Wall criticises Thomas Sutton for his stance on photography as a fine art.]

p. 73
The Royal Marriage from a Photographic Point of View p.123
Backgrounds:  Their Abuse and their Use:
Their Principles and the Modes of Painting them.

One of a series of notes under the heading 'Bits of Chat'

A H Watt discussed both backgrounds and accessories, including comments on constructing a capital pedestal using a few carpenters' tools, an ordinary packing-case, some pieces of cane, a six feet length of wooden moulding and a little grey paint.

In Search of Truth

This was the Lecture given to Edinburgh Photographic Society


A Bit about Solar Camera Enlargements

One of a series of notes under the heading 'Bits of Chat'


A Chat over a Certain Packet of Letters

One of a series of notes under the heading 'Bits of Chat'

The title is intriguing, but I have not found the article.  The index says p.370, but the article is not to be found there.


A Bit about Honesty and Best Policy

One of a series of notes under the heading 'Bits of Chat'

A H Wall commented that miniature painters had flattered their sitters.  There were predictions that photography for portraiture would fail because it told the truth, rather than flattered.


Composition Photography:  Its Aspects, Advantages and Disadvantages

One of a series of notes under the heading 'Bits of Chat'

Thomas Sutton calls for recognition of artistic work in photography..


A Few Thoughts about Photographic Societies

Alfred H Wall' s Opening Address to South London Photographic Society.  A H Wall, Hon Sec of this society, gave advice to photographic societies and ended with advice to professional photographers.


British Journal of Photography  -  1864

Composition Photography

A series of practical hints on artistic portraiture

pp.61, 149, 204, 282

British Journal of Photography  -  1865

Thoughts about Photographic Art Progress p.313
Colouring Slides for Lanterns pp.349, 354

Excellence versus Cheapness

An appeal to photographic portraitists to pursue excellence, as a way out of the problems caused by increased competition and falling prices.


Practical Art Hints

One of a series of notes under the heading 'Bits of Chat'

pp.439, 462, 487, 531,
557, 594

British Journal of Photography  -  1866

Practical Art Hints

A series of notes

pp.61, 115, 150, 358

Matters of Fact versus Truth in Art

Landscape Photography p.366

Portrait Negatives and Enlargements

Use of Crayons in Enlargements

A series of notes

pp.405, 429, 452, 512
Black Lead Pencils on Negatives and Positives p.571

British Journal of Photography  -  1867

On Focussing


On Taking Picturesque Photographs


Imagination and Sentiment p.267

A Bit of Chat about English and French Portraitists


On Awarding Medals to Photographers

A H Wall spoke of the superior photography of men like Rejlander, M Adam-Salomon and Lake Price, all former artists.

He criticised the awarding of medals at the Paris Exhibition to photographic processes rather than to artistic photography.

On the Selection and Treatment of Subjects for Landscape Photography

A series of notes.

pp.412, 447, 469, 506

British Journal of Photography  -  1868

Selection of Subjects for Landscape Photography




Alfred H Wall

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