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The Great Exhibition


Alfred H Wall was a regular contributor to the British Journal of Photography in the 1860s.  In many of his articles,  and in his lecture to Edinburgh Photographic Society in 1863, he advanced the claim for photography to be regarded as one of the fine arts, rather than merely a mechanical process.

So he mush have been dismayed to read how the promoters of the Great Exhibition in London of 1863 regarded photography.  In one of a series of articles about the exhibition, he wrote:

Exhibition Gossip

"When somewhat about this time last year, we first read in the Gazette how all the productions of our new beautiful art were to be classed with agricultural instruments and ships tackle in the World's Great Fair of 1862, how astonished and indignant we were!  What a cry went forth against the monstrous injustice of such an absurd classification!"

[British Journal of Photography 1862, 149]




Alfred H Wall

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