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Darney Devlin, grandson of the founder of the TL Devlin's Trawler Owning business at Granton explains how that business worked with Brown, blacksmith at Middle Pier, during World War 1.

Darney comments:

World War 1

"During WW1, the Navy requested that TL Devlin's yard should take over the maintenance of all the Naval Vessels at Granton.  This was more work than the yard was able to cope with, so arrangements were made for any surplus to be sub-contracted to the blacksmiths, Brown, on Middle Pier. 

This arrangement worked out well for both companies."

Archie Brown

"Following the War, the blacksmith's son, Archie Brown,  went on to own several businesses including:

-  Trawlers operated by Carnies from Granton

-  Player's Garage and Taxi Service, at the foot of Dundas Street

-  Granton Ice Factory.

Archie Brown had a 1914-18 Motor Launch which he converted it to paraffin engine and used on the Clyde.  I was sailed with him on this launch on the Clyde several times.

On one occasion, Archie Brown arrived at my school, Edinburgh Academy, with my suitcase fully packed, and persuaded the Bursar that it would be good for me if he allowed me to go sailing with him that day rather than remain in the school.  The Bursar agreed to this."

Darney Devlin, Inverleith, Edinburgh, December 15, 2006


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