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Char-a-bancs and tourists  -  Photo 1


Char-a-bancs at the National Galleries  -  1921

Char-a-Bancs at the National Galleries at the Foot of the Mound

  Reproduced by courtesy Lothian Buses plc


Char-a-bancs at the National Galleries

Several well-packed char-a-bancs appear to be ready to depart from the Foot of the Mound beside the National Galleries on 22 May 1921.

The destination board on the vehicle at the (front left) shows "Suburban Tour".  The cost of the tour is three shillings.

The destination board on the vehicle (front centre right) shows "Forth Bridge".

In his book, 'Edinburgh Transport, The Corporation Years'  [ISBN 1 8744222 3 0]
G L Hunter says:

"In early 1921 there was a prolonged strike in the mining industry and ... some of Edinburgh's charabancs were temporarily converted to lorries to assist in moving coal."

The photograph above was taken during the miners' strike.  The strike began on April 1, 1921.  It lasted for about 3 months.




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