SMT Worker

Fountainbridge Depot



SMT  -  Fountainbridge Depot  - 1914

An unknown worker at SMT's Fountainbridge Depot  -  June 1914

  Reproduced by courtesy of Phil Wilson

SMT Worker

Fountainbridge Depot

The photo above is of an unknown worker at SMT's Fountainbridge depot.   Phil Wilson who owns this photograph tells me:

"This photo can be precisely dated to June 1914, from the calendar on the wall at the back, by C. W. Burton Griffiths, the engineering Co. taken over by the Birmingham Small Arms Co. in 1918.

I'm told by members of the 'Save New Street Group' that at this time the works would have been producing parts for arms in preparation for the 1914-18 War.  There's a lot of nice metal bits lying around.

I have another of my grandfather taken in the same place on the same day."

-  Birmingham Small Arms Co is the company that made BSA cycles.

-  The 'Save New Street Group' was formed (around 2003?) with the sole purpose of saving the former New Street bus depot for posterity and, if possible, achieving the goal of having the building used as a future Edinburgh Museum of Transport.]




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