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Eighteenth Century

The first adverts that I have found for ships from Edinburgh to London and elsewhere date from the early 18th century.


"The Robert packet, James Thomson, Master now lying in Leith Harbour, taking in Goods, and will Sail the 26th of June 1723, Wind and weather serving, the said Master is to be spoke with at the Laigh Coffee-house in Edinburgh or at his House on the Shore of Leith."

Caledonian Mercury  26 June 1723



"THESE are to give Notice to all Noblemen, Gentlemen, Merchants and others that have Occasion to Transport themselves or Goods for London in the Unity Packet Packet-Boat of Leith, George Thomson Master, now lying in the Harbour of Leith, clear to take in Goods, and will sail for London on the 20th Day of September 1723, Goods or no Goods, Wind and Weather serving, having good Accommodation for Passengers, and good Entertainment in the said ship Unity:

The Master is to be spoke with in Edinburgh at the Laigh Coffee-House, and at his House in North-Leith."

Caledonian Mercury  2 Sep 1723,  p.3186
Caledonian Mercury 6 Apr 1724,  p.3740
 (similar advert - Union to sail "with all convenient speed")





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