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Granton Road

View from near Ferry Road


Looking to the north down Granton Road towards the station

Granton Road  -  View from near Ferry Road, looking towards Granton Road Station

  R W A Jones / R T A  -  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Photobus, Cheltenham, UK

Granton Road

View from near Ferry Road

The view above looks down Granton Road from a point near its junction with Ferry Road.  The road is empty apart from a couple of trams and a cart.

The small building near the centre of the picture is Granton Road Station, built on the bridge above the railway.

The sign beside the road at the right of the picture reads:  J H Phillips & Co


More Photos

Please click on the image below to see another photo of trams near Granton Road Station:

Tram and Tram Stop in Granton Road, Edinburgh  -  Photograph taken from above the railway at Granton Road Station.

more photographs of Granton Road Station.

Zoom-in to a photograph of Granton Road Station  -  1934




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