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Dundas Street

Dundas Street  -  Roadworks

Hanover Street  -  Workers preparing for the introduction of Edinburgh's Cable Cars

  Reproduced by courtesy Lothian Buses plc

Dundas Street  - Roadworks



Here are workmen in Dundas Street, a short distance to the north of Princes Street.

This view looks down Dundas Street towards Canonmills.  Are the workers creating the groove to take the cable for the cable cars that are to begin operating to Canonmills and Goldenacre opened on 28 January 1888?

The cables were driven from an engine house in the cable car depot at Henderson Row, which also operated the cable on the Stockbridge route.  This building later became a bus depot, then a Police garage, and is now an insurance company's office.  Some of the original features of the building can still be seen.

-  Peter Stubbs


Thank you to Peter Rivet for the following bit of detective work.

Peter replied:

Around 1923

"I don't think this photo can relate to the original installation of track for the cable trams in 1888.  Instead, it shows the relaying of the track which took place c.1923 for the electric trams which replaced them. 

D L G Hunter states in his book that the condition of the track on the two original cable car routes was such that it needed complete replacement, and buses had to be run while it was in progress.

Evidence for this date is provided by the style of dress of the workmen (compare it with the other photos) and the fact that they have a power drill to assist them with their work.

Also in the background you can see an electric street lamp - this would not have appeared until the late 1890s."

Peter Rivet  October 6, 2007




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