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Trams and other traffic in Earl Grey Street, Tollcross  -  Around 1955

The track leading out of the photo, centre-left leads to the tram depot,
 now demolished and replaced by a fire station.
  The buildings on the right have now been demolished and replaced by a modern office.

Trams and other traffic at Tollcross

  National Tramway Museum, Crich Derbyshire                 Reproduced by courtesy Lothian Buses plc              Photographer:  R B Parr

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      Trams and other transport at Tollcross



Earl Grey Street

Tollcross Traffic

Here is a view of a busy lunchtime scene at Tollcross, with an interesting mix of transport and pedestrians. There are lots of tramlines leading through the cobbled streets.

Thank you to Douglas Beath (Tasmania, formerly Edinburgh) for helping me to date this photograph from the fact that it includes both trams and buses.  He tells me:

-  Earl Grey Street, in this photo, had trams and no buses until October 1954

-  The final conversion of Earl Grey Street from trams to buses was May 1956.

-  The bus in this photo would have been a No 9 (photographed between Oct 54 and May 56) or a 27 (photographed between Aug 55 and May 56).

Tram Depot

The tramlines leading round to the left past Fleming's Stores leads to the Tollcross tram depot.

The Tram Depot  -  Tollcross

The time is 12.55pm.  The clock in the centre of the street is still in position today, though the old buildings on the right have now been replaced by a large modern office block.

The small sign behind the clock says "West & North Traffic" .  This sign points straight ahead down Earl Grey Street into Lothian Road and the West End of Princes Street.




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