1904 Lantern Slide Exhibition


Lantern Slide Exhibitions were held at St Cuthbertís Hall, King Stables Street, near the West End of Princes Street for several years in the early 1900s.  The 1904 Exhibition was held on Friday 25 March.

The same venue, close to the West End of Princes Street was used to stage the EPS International Exhibitions from 1957 until 1979.


The April 1904 edition of Transactions of EPS reported that:

-  Nearly 300 slides were sent in for competition and exhibition.

- The great majority were of such a high standard that only 21 were rejected.

-  As in past years, the Cinematograph was introduced to relieve any possible tedium caused by a constant succession of slides , and the fine selection of films which Mr Haddow (J Lizars) exhibited was much appreciated by a large audience which filled the hall.


Medals were awarded to:

-  W J B Halley, Glasgow

-  Thomas Shaw, Edinburgh

-  James Burns, Edinburgh

-  J D Bathgate, Juniper Green

-  George Cleland, Edinburgh

-  R Robinson, Edinburgh


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