During the 1950s, at least regular exhibitions held in  EPS premises included:

House Exhibitions 

Several House Exhibitions were held each year.  They were typically “one man exhibitions” which were on display for one week each in EPS premises.  The custom of holding House Exhibitions started at least 30 years earlier.)

Wholeplate Exhibitions 

These were primarily for beginners and less experienced Members, but Advanced Members were also expected to enter.

Members’ Exhibitions

These included a  “Popular Vote” for prints from amongst the EPS Members.  The 1950 Presidential Address criticised the lack of participation by Members in the Members’ Exhibition:

“……… when Exhibition time comes you haven’t got anything suitable to send in.  But then, of course you weren’t trying to make Exhibition Prints.  Then what in the name of thunder were you trying to do?  You don’t know!  Perhaps that’s the trouble”

A question was asked in 1951: 

“Is it time we had a colour section in the Members’ Exhibition?  How many members are doing colour work now?”

Now, in 2000, a large proportion of the prints in the Members' Exhibition are colour prints, but the exhibition has never split these into a separate section.  The debate, recently, has concerned the acceptability of digital images which are increasing in number in each year's exhibition. 


Open Exhibitions

The Annual Open Exhibitions continued.  In the early 1950s, these were known as:

"International Salons of Photography"

In earlier years they had been known as 

"International Exhibitions of Photography"

Later, they were to be known as

"International Exhibitions of Pictorial Photography".


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