EPS Exhibition Catalogues

19th Century Exhibitions

Edinburgh Photographic Society held Open Exhibitions each year from 1861.  The exhibitions of 1876 and 1890 were on a grand scale with comprehensive catalogues.

20th Century Exhibitions

During the 20th Century catalogues have changed from being thin brief lists of exhibits to the more comprehensive style with mono and colour illustrations as shown above.

Catalogues from the 1920s

EPS Exhibition Catalogues  -  1928, 1929

  Reproduced by courtesy of Edinburgh Photographic Society

Here are the covers of the 1928 and 1929 Open Exhibition Catalogues

Catalogue from the 1950s

   Catalogue cover  -  EPS Open Exhibition, 1953

Catalogues from the 1990s

EPS Exhibition Catalogues  -  1990s

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More Catalogue Covers