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28 Feb 1914 Robert Lindsay

 A Holiday on Hadrian’s Wall

7 Mar 1914 J C Adams

 Photography, its uses and abuses

28 Nov 1914

Prof. Leighton


5 Dec 1914

Rev. Dr. R Dykes Shaw

Spain and Morocco

20 Feb 1915

Harold Raeburn

 The Caucasus Mountains

27 Feb 1915

J C McKechnie

 The Scottish Zoological Park

6 Mar 1915

Prof. Baldwin Brown

Paintings of Michael Angelo on the Roof of the Sistine Chapel 

26 Feb 1916

J W L Spence

 Constantinople and the Turks  

4 Mar 1916

Andrew Wilson

 Eastern Europe before the War 

 Feb 1917 

James Paterson

Mountains, Battlefields in Tyrol
Dolomites in Peace and War

3 Mar 1917

N H Bonar

The Strategy and Tactics of Wild Boar Photography

16 Feb 1918

Thomas Shaw


2 Mar 1918

G W Wight

 A Swiss Pageant

1 Mar 1919

R T Skinner

 Sir David Wilkie, RA

8 Mar 1919

Prof. G Baldwin Brown

 French and English Churches 

28 Feb 1920

Kelso Kelly

 A Guess at the meaning of Art

28 Feb 1920

Kelso Kelly

 On a Shore of old Romance

6 Mar 1920

G W Wight

  Bruges and Beauty

27 Nov 1920

J Robertson Christie

 The Scott Country

4 Dec 1920

R Burns

 An Hour and a Half in Morocco

26 Feb 1921

Douglas A Allan


5 Mar 1921

J Wilson Paterson

 Scotland’s Historic Monuments 

19 Oct 1921

G K Ritchie

 Sepia Toning 

26 Nov 1921

F C Mears

 The Structure and Growth of Edinburgh

3 Dec 1921

Harold Skelton

 Belgium:  Its Towns and Battlefields

25 Feb 1922

T A Mowat

 A Visit to Italy

4 Mar 1922

J R Milne

 The Use of Photography in Scientific Discovery

6 Dec 1922

W M Ames


24 Feb 1923

J Logan Mack

Along the Border Line from the Solway to the North Sea

3 Mar 1923

Rev A E Robertson

An Ascent of the Matterhorn

15 Mar 1924

Dr. W G C Johnston

 Mountaineering in Norway

22 Mar 1924

Harold Skelton

 A Ramble in Shakespeare’s Country

19 Nov 1924

Patrick Watson

 The Development of the Scottish House

6 Dec 1924

Nicholas G Red

 Ailsa Craig

13 Dec 1924

G W Wight

 A Scamper Through Northern Italy

6 Feb 1926

Harold Skelton

Wanderings in the Channel Islands and Brittany

13 Feb 1926

Charles G Connell

 Bird Life in Scotland

17 Feb 1926

G P H Watson

 Some Ancient Monuments

20 Feb 1926

George Sang

 Scottish Mountaineering

19 Feb 1927

G W Wight

 A Wayfarer in Spain

26 Feb 1927

Rev H N Bonar

 Some of our less familiar Birds

3 Dec 1927

Harold Skelton

 Wanderings in the Balkans

18 Feb 1928

P T Mackintosh

 A Corner of France

25 Feb 1928

J C McKechnie

 Animal Photography

1 Dec 1928

J Graham Callander

Scotland in the Stone, Bronze and Early Iron Ages

15 Feb 1930

G W Wight

 Circuit of France

21 Feb 1931

Prof. Baldwin Brown

 Early Manifestations of Art in the Prehistoric Caves of  France and Spain

13 Feb 1932

J W Herries

 River Scenery in Scotland and France

11 Feb 1933

Ruth M Raeburn

 A Visit to Salzburg

7 Feb 1934

Laurence Smith

 The Shetland Islands

16 Feb 1935

William Geddes

 A Photographer’s Experiences

26 Feb 1936 A H Baird


27 Feb 1937 G W Wight

 A Traveller’s Samples


Range of Entertainment        Lecture titles: 1890-1913      Lecture titles:  1914-1937