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EPS Exhibition Lectures



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21 Nov 1890 William Lang [Jnr]

Historical Sketch of Photography

28 Nov 1890 Prof. James Hunter

Photographic Optics

5 Dec 1890 Dr. T W Drinkwater

Chemistry in the Dark-Room

12 Dec 1890 R Hensleigh Walter


19 Dec 1890 W Lamond Howie

Ten Days on the Hardanger, Norway

23 Dec 1890 Hippolyte J Blanc

The Architecture of Normandy and Brittany

15 Feb 1896 Charles Alfred Stitt

Looking Backwards 

29 Feb 1896 James Patrick

The Early Home and Haunts of Robert Louis Stevenson

10 Apr 1897 Alexander Eddington

The Tweed from its Source to the Sea 

5 Feb 1898 James Patrick

A Fringe of the Fife Coast

19 Feb 1898 Alex Eddington

The Bicycle as an Aid to the Camera

11 Feb 1899 Stewart Smith

Photographic Experiences Abroad

18 Feb 1899 J S McCulloch

Wanderings Awheel in Fife with a Camera

25 Feb 1899 Mrs Lauder Thomson

A Ramble through Florence

17 Feb 1900 James Patrick

Rambles with a Camera 

2 Mar 1901 H Stewart Wallace

A Holiday in Spitzbergen 

9 Mar 1901 Hugh Auld

A Sightseer in Egypt

22 Feb 1902 Mrs Lauder Thomson

Wanderings in Perugia, Assissi and Sienna 

29 Nov 1902 Alfred A Murray

By Stockholm to Lapland 

21 Nov 1903 W L Spence

Constantinople and the Turks

28 Nov 1903 J Elrick Fraser

The Cinematograph as an Aid to Nature Study

5 Dec 1903 J A C Younger

With a Kodak in Cairo

10 Dec 1904 John M Turnbull

Old Edinburgh

17 Dec 1904 James Murdoch


25 Feb 1905 Thomas Shaw

A Holiday in Belgium and Holland

4 Mar 1905 J A C Younger

Life under the Flag of the Imperial East Africa Company

11 Mar 1905 J Tudor Cundall

The Golden Valley

24 Feb 1906 Rev Alex. M Sutherland

A Trip to Tunisia, Algeria and the Desert; or Life among the Moors, Berbers and Bedouin

3 Mar 1906 J Duncan Millar


10 Mar 1906  ?

Church Bells and Bell-ringing with reference to Change-Ringing

23 Feb 1907 Hugh Marshall

Round Africa with the British Association

2 Mar 1907 J Duncan Millar

Picturesque Japan

9 Mar 1907 W Reid

The Pentlands and the Moorfooots, their Historical Associations and Scenic Beauties

22 Feb 1908 W Reid

The Environs of Edinburgh

29 Feb 1908 Robert T Skinner

The Passion Play in 1900 in Ober Ammergau

7 Mar 1908 Mrs Parrot

Bonnie Prince Charlie in the Highlands

20 Feb 1909 W Bertram Miller

A Visit to Venice

27 Feb 1909 R C Smith

Round Sicily 

6 Mar 1908 A E Illingworth

A Trip to the West Indies

27 Nov 1909 J Oliver

Breton Customs, Coifs and Cavalries

4 Dec 1909 F M Chrystal

A Voyage Round the Coast of Iceland

11 Dec 1909 A Maitland Ritchie

Four Years’ Holiday with the “CHA”

26 Feb 1910 W J Croall

Rambles in Portugal

5 Mar 1910 W Inglis Clark

Photography in Natural Colours 

12 Mar 1910 Robert W Cockburn

 A Holiday in Switzerland

3 Dec 1910 R T Skinner

 A Visit to Greece

10 Dec 1910 R Forbes

 Culross Past and Present 

4 Mar 1910 F J I Eddington

 A Tour of Jersey, Brittany and Normandy 

11 Mar 1910 J Robertson Christie

 The Cities of India  -  Ancient and Modern

2 Dec 1911 Rev W Kenneth Grant

 A Day in the Life of a Cowboy

9 Dec 1911 W Bertram Miller

 From Edinburgh to Moscow

2 Mar 1912 R N Crystal

Glimpses of Edinburgh at the end of the 18th Century

30 Nov 1912 A E Eddington

 English Lakeland

7 Dec 1912 Mrs Lauder Thomson

Some Interesting Italian Towns and their Art Treasures

8 Mar 1913 William George Sym

 A Trip to Holland

26 Nov 1913 J Roberton Christie

 Illustrations of Indian History and Scenery

6 Dec 1913 Charles Cairncross

 Rambles in the Pentlands