EPS Member

WH Davies

WH Davies gave lectures to the Edinburgh Photogrpahic Society for over 20 years from the Society's foundation in 1861.  See:

EPS Wednesday Meetings

EPS Popular Meetings: 1870s

EPS Popular Meetings: 1880s

He was a regular contributor to the British Journal of Photography, in particular throughout 1868 when he wrote a fortnightly column, perhaps 2000 words in each episode, all on the subject of Artistic Photography:

See  British Journal of Photography:  1868  -  Artistic Composition.

Photographs in Exhibitions

He exhibited his photogrpahs in several EPS Exhibitions.

He also exhibited in the Photographic Society of Scotland exhibitions:

5th PSS Exhibition:  February 1861

6th PSS Exhibition:  December 1861

9th PSS Exhibition:  December 1864