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PSS - 6th Exhibition

December 1861

Scottish Entrants


Scottish Entries


R(?) J Abbot
Dundee (?)

-  12 frames of calotype portraits

   "Cartes de visite  are above average quality"  [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

Dr Adamson
St Andrews

-  12 frames

Dr Adamson wrote:  

"Allow me to disclaim all idea of meddling with the duties of the hanging committee - but they will not object to have my own ideas of the order in which I think my contribution would appear to the greatest advantage."    [Letter:  Dr Adamson to PSS]

The press wrote:

"Portraits:  some good artistic studies, but rather course in texture."
 [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]


Thomas Annan

1 frame of portraits:

"So famously known for his beautiful landscapes, he exhibits a frame of 9 portraits and groups."   [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

-  7 frames of  These were landscapes of West of Scotland - by the Tannin Process

-  'The Last Stookies of Harvest'

-   'Loch Penza'  

-   'Loch Ranza'(?)         10/6
-   'Stooks'                         7/6
-   'On the M'                  7/6
-   'Roman Bridge'            7/6
-   'View in Trossachs'    5/-

Thomas Annan wrote:

I have not got any of the pictures on hand, and the weather is so bad that I dont know when I will be able to print any.  I have not been able to get a single print this week, even from my thinnest negative."   
 [Letter:  Thomas Annan to PSS]

"This is the first year I have tried a dry process.  And for the sake of convenience it is preferable to the wet collodion, but I think that is all it has to boast of.  I am very unsatisfied with my own contribution to the Exhibition this year, and I merely send them as specimens of the Tannin process.  I am sorry to see Scotland so poorly represented this year, according to the paper you sent me."    [Letter Thomas Annan to PSS]


-  19 frames of photos - mainly of buildings  -  includes:

-  'Croquet Party at Blair House'

-  'The Chess Players'

-  3 frames of CDVs.

David Campbell

-  16 wet collodion prints, most or all at 6/- each.


-  3 frames of 2 portraits each. 

Sent to the exhibition by Thomas Annan with his own entry.

Alex Crowe

-  9 portraits

-  4 Carte de visite frames

-  2 landscapes

Alex Crowe wrote:

"The weather has been unfavourable for photographic printing."
[Letter:  Alex Crowe to PSS]

The press wrote:

"The calotype portraits are of considerable merit"    [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

Thank you to Kathleen, Arbroath, Scotland, a descendant of Alex Crowe's family, for providing the following additional info.  Kathleen wrote:

Alex Crowe

"Alex was born Fordoun, Kincardineshire in 1824.  He had no children by his wife, Mary Soutter. 

He was the eldest son of James Crow and Jean Valentine, and had 7 siblings.

Descendants of this Crow(e) family are now found worldwide. Alex was a burgess of Stirling in 1871."

Kathleen, Arbroath, Scotland,

Kathleen is researching her family history, so if you have any further info about Alex Crowe, please e-mail me so that I can share it.

Thank you to Bill Murcutt for sending the following message.

Alex Crowe

"Whilst surfing the internet for things on Kincardineshire, I came across PSS Exhibitions and the reference to Alex Crow(e).

 I am descended from one of Alex's three brothers that migrated to Australia in the 1850's.

Here is a photograph taken by Alex Crowe, as a professional photographer in Stirling."

   Carte de visite from the studio of Alexander Crowe, Stirling in the 1860s

"Here are photos of Alex and his wife Mary taken by "Crowe & Rodgers" photographers Stirling Scotland."

   Alexander Crowe, Stirling photographer and exhibitor in the PSS Exhibition in Edinburgh, December 1861     Mary Crowe, wife of Alexander Crowe, Stirling photographer and exhibitor in the PSS Exhibition in Edinburgh, December 1861

Bill Murcutt:  September 29, 2006.


EW Dallas

The press wrote:

"Cartes de visite  are above average quality"  [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

WH Davies

Photographs by an amateur, including five wet collodion:


-  'The Story of a Highted Life - 3 photos 'Morning', 'Sunset', 'Midnight'

-  'Smoking a Pipe'

-  'Head of Loch Falloch' (from a picture by CE Johnson

-  'Loch Blair, Morayshire' (copy of another picture)

The press wrote:

"Some landscapes and creditable portraits."    [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

Adam Diston
Leven, Fife

A small frame of coloured collodion portraits

TDK  Drummond

-  7 Scottish landscapes

The press wrote:

"He practises chiefly the malt process - considerable artistic judgment."  [BJP]

Peter Ewing

-  12 stereoscopic slides (Dunkeld)
-    6 stereoscopic slides (Devon)
-    6 stereoscopic slides (various)
-    1 portrait

David Octavius Hill &
Alexander McGlashan

-  2 frames, each of 6 collodion photographs

The press wrote:

"The portraits of Messrs Hill & McGlashan, besides being well composed are very truthful and characteristic, though they are occasionally a little hard and course"    [The Scotsman:  1 January 1862]

J Horsburgh

-  Captain of No 1 Highlands Rifle Volunteers

-  Captain of No 2 Highlands Rifle Volunteers

-  Pipers in Uniform of No 2 Company

-  2 Reverends

- 1 Doctor

-  other portraits

 The press wrote:

"Cartes de visite  are above average quality"  [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

George Inglis

-  Portraits:
-  a group
-  a lady
-  a gentleman (x3)
-  Rev Mr McLaren of Buccleuch Church

Stewart Jackson

-  6 wet collodion photographs

John Kibble

-  4 instantaneous photographs of Scottish landscapes

William Kirkland

Eight photographs - large scale using a variety of processes:

  1. Dry collodion

  2. Wet collodion

  3. Dry collodion and albumen

  4. Dry collodion, malt process

  5. Honey & Albumen process

  6. Dry collodion and albumen

  7. Dry collodion, tannin process

  8. Dry collodion, washed with honey + tannin process

JB Knott

'On the Water of Leith'.

John Lamb

Approx 13 prints, most at 5/- each.

John Lamb wrote:

"When does the exhibition close?  Id like my views returned before the end of this month to be in time for the London Exhibition." 
 [Letter:  John Lamb to PSS 7 March 1862]

Lady Mathieson


4 family groups

The press wrote:  

"Very pleasing and sociable character.  The lady possesses an eye for fine picturesque composition and effect."  [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

John Moffat

-  1 frame CDVs

-  1 portrait - Rev DJK Drummond

-  1 portrait - George Ramsay, Esq.  R Soc

-  1 portrait - Wm Brodie Esq.  sculptor, R Soc

-  1 portrait - a young lady.

 The press wrote:  

"Cartes de visite  are above average quality"  [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

E Musgrave

Calotypes, coloured by Mrs Musgrave 

The press wrote:  

"The only specimens in the present exhibition of this style.  They have all the appearance of finely finished miniatures on ivory."    [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]


"Calotype portraits are of considerable merit"   [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

Nicol, J

'On the Water of Leith'.  

The press wrote:  

"The only picture in the exhibition which purports to be by the hot water process"    [BJP]

"Calotype portraits are of considerable merit"   [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

Thomas Rodger
St Andrews

-  6 portraits

-  9 frames, each containing 6 cartes de visite

-  1 frame containing 7 cartes de visite

The press wrote:  

"Cartes de visite  are above average quality"  [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

John Ross

-  1 group

-  3 portraits

-  1 frame of 7 cartes de visite

John Sturrock jun.

-  3 landscapes, including  'Arbroath Abbey, Fifeshire' by the tannin process.

H Thomson

-  22 unframed wet collodion photographs, 
   most are Scottish landscapes  -  10 ins x 8 ins @ 5/- each

-  10 frames, mostly portraits including several groups

-    1 frame of cartes de visite.

James Good Tunny

Collodion photographs by Tunny coloured by Miss Taylor

The press wrote:  

"His group photograph:  a well composed picture of Mr & Mrs Clark and family.  His cartes de visite  are above average quality"  [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]


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