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-  Edwin H Musgrave

-  Miss Musgrave

-  WT Musgrave


Edwin H Musgrave

Painter and Photographer

Edwin H Musgrave was:

- 1854-61:  Portrait & Miniature Painter

- 1862-64:  Portrait & Miniature Painter & Photographer

On the back of his cartes de visite, he described himself as 

atellier de photographie



3rd PSS Exhibition, Dec 1858

He exhibited 57 photographs, including 47 portraits at the 3rd PSS Exhibition in 1858

4th PSS Exhibition, Dec 1859

He exhibited coloured collodion prints in the 4th PSS Exhibition in 1859

"The only specimens in the present exhibition of this style.  They have all the appearance of finely finished miniatures on ivory."    [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]

5th PSS Exhibition, Feb 1861

He exhibited 2 frames of uncoloured photographs and 1 frame of 6 photographs painted by Mrs Musgrave in the 5th PSS Exhibition in Dec 1861.

6th PSS Exhibition, Dec 1861

He exhibited calotypes coloured by Mrs Musgrave in the 6th PSS Exhibition in Dec 1861.

9th PSS Exhibition, Dec 1864

He exhibited 4 landscapes and several portraits at 9th PSS Exhibition in 1864.

He became EPS Secretary in 1867-68.  He gave lectures to EPS:

- 1861:    "On Positive Printing’"

- 1864:     "Notes on Experiments in Uranium Printing’"

- 1864-5: "Dry Processes in Photography’"

- 1865:     "Ross’ New Doublet Lens"

- 1865:     "The Wet Collodion Process from 1858 to 1865’

- 1865:     "On Alkaline Development of Wet Baths" 

- 1867:     "Photography in 1866"

- 1868:     "On the production of Transparencies for the Magic Lantern"

Popular Meetings

Edwin Musgrave also gave a lecture at one of the EPS Popular Meetings

- 1864:     "Orkney Islands"

Photographic Outings

Here is an account of an early EPS Photographic Outing to Stenhouse Mills in 1865  involving Edwin H Musgrave.


Edwin H Musgrave lived with W T Musgrave and Miss Musgrave.
 [Census - which year?]

There was also a Miss C M Musgrave.  Was she Edwin's wife?  Both she and Edwin exhibited portraits in the 9th PSS Exhibition in 1864.


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WT Musgrave

WT Musgrave was:

  -  1843:      Miniature Painter

 -  1844:      Teacher of Music & Drawing

 -  1845-49: Portrait & Miniature Painter


Miss Musgrave

Miss Musgrave was

  -  1842-52: Miniature Painter

  -  1857-60: Portrait & Miniature Painter

  -  1861-64: Portrait & Miniature Painter & Photographer

She exhibited 6 portraits, several distinguished sitters, at the 1864 PSS Exhibition