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David McArthy

7 Oct 1903

President’s Opening Address

See Transactions of EPS, Nov 1903, pp.13-15.

Douglas McBride

30 Nov 2011

Archaeological Photographs of Highland Scotland    (prints, projected images, books)

Eric McCabe

2 Mar 2005

Winter in Japan  [slides]

Bill McCance

10 Nov 1971

Looking at Slides

Bill McCance

19 Dec  1984

Music for Pleasure

William  McCraw

19 Jun 1867

Exhibition of a Series of Photographic Enamels 

William McCraw

5 May 1869

Printing on Ivory by Various Methods

A J McCurdy

7 Mar 1951

Animal Photography

A J McCurdy

5 Mar 1952

Zoo Photography

A J McCurdy

12 Nov 1952

Making of the Exhibition Print: 1 -
The aesthetic approach

A J  McCurdy

16 Feb 1955

 Ferraniacolor processing
[demonstration and show of Ferraniacolor slides]

A J McCurdy

19 Oct 1955

Mounting Methods  [joint demonstration]

A J McCurdy

21 Mar 1956

Animal Photography

A J (Tony) McDade

8 Feb 1978

Light Relief

A J (Tony) McDade

11 Sep 2002

How I Expose Myself

A K McDiarmid

31 Jan  1973

Negative Faults  [lecturette]

Victor McDonald-Evans  EPS

16 Jan 2002

A Distinctions Panel and Beyond  -  Prints  [joint evening with Gordon Rankin]

Kevin McDonnell

10 Oct 1951

Photo Faults  [Johnson Ltd]

Jim McDougal

28 Feb 1979

Lith, Line and Luck

Jim McDougal

25 Feb  1981

Another Part of the Forest

Jim McDougal

27 Feb 1985

Third Time Lucky

Jim McDougal

18 Oct 1989

Just Six More

Jim McDougal

11 Jan 1995

Lies, Damned Lies and Derivatives  [lecturette]

Duncan McEwan

Bridge of Weir

30 Apr 1986

Nature’s Way

Duncan McEwan
Bridge of Weir

23 Mar 1988

Special Brew

Duncan McEwan
Bridge of Weir

13 Mar 1991

Sports Night

Duncan McEwan
Bridge of Weir

10 Feb 1993

City Lights

Duncan McEwan
Bridge of Weir

3 Feb 1999

Out and About

Duncan McEwan
Bridge of Weir

11 Feb 2004

Landscape Commandments

Duncan McEwan
Bridge of Weir

11 Jan 2006

Scotland Around the Edges  [slides]

Duncan McEwan
Bridge of Weir

8 Feb 2012

Scotland:  Land of Light  [slides]

Alexander McGlashon

5 April 1865

The Application of Ordinary Gas to Portrait Photography

James McGlashan

2 May 1888

A Fault in Stripping Films

James McGlashan

6 Feb 1889

The Manipulation of  “Stripping Films”

James McGlashan

3 Dec 1890

A Means of Printing from Negatives that have Extreme Contrasts

James  McGlashan

3 Feb 1892

Demonstration of Carbon Printing

A Wallace McGregor

6 Feb 1907

Lawn Tennis Photography  [illustrated] 

See Transactions of EPS, Mar 1907, pp.83-85.

J W  McHardy

14 Dec 1960

Some Factors Affecting Sharpness [lecturette]

Nick McIlwraith

8 Dec 1999

A Shared Evening with Nick McIlwraith and Marc Lambert  [joint lecture]

R G McInnes

6 Dec 1916


G Wilkie McIntosh

2 Feb 1938

Fire!  The Edinburgh Fire Brigade at Practice and at Work

Neil McIntyre

8 Nov  1995

Natural Images

P M McIntyre

5 Dec 1906

Artistic Sensibility;  its Characteristics and Cultivation [illustrated]

James McKean

6 Dec 1882

A new departure in Alkaline development

James McKean

5 Dec 1883

An improved Carrier for Lantern Transparencies

James McKean

1 Nov 1893

Photographic and Other Impressions of America and the World’s Fair

John McKean

7 Jun 1882

The Modern Photographer, his Power and Appliances

John McKean

1 Feb 1886

Cycling with the Camera

John McKean

4 Apr 1888

Retouching:  Its Use and Abuse [with Lime Light Illustrations]

J C McKechnie

4 Oct 1911

Means of Further Advancing the Interests of the Society  [Presidential Address]

J C McKechnie

2 Oct 1879

[President’s Address]

J C McKechnie

4 Oct 1916

Animals in the Zoological Park

J C McKechnie

5 Oct 1921

The Educational Value of Photography

J C McKechnie

2 Dec 1925

At the Zoo

R McKechnie

20 Nov 1940

Miniature Matters

R C McKechnie

18 Feb 1948

The Picture Content  [Ilford Ltd]

A McKendrick

1 Dec 1915

The X-Rays

Peter McKenzie

10 Mar  1982

Portraiture - Just for the Record

J McKissack

3 Jan 36879

Rothenburg on the Tauber and some other Bavarian Towns

J McKissack

5 Jan 1916

Some Exhibition Pictures and how they were made

J Wilson McLaren

7 Apr 1937

Romantic Auld Reekie

P K McLaren

1 Nov 1950

Speedlights, slides and demonstration

P K McLaren

25 Mar 1953

Press Photography with a Leica

James N McLaurin

2 Mar 1927

The Composition of Pictures

Les McLean

8 Feb 1984

My Personal Photography   [lecturette] 

Les McLean

26 Mar 1986

A Personal View

Les McLean

11 Dec 1991

The Water’s Edge

Les McLean

22 Mar 1995

American Dream

J McLellan

5 Dec 1962

Presenting the Holiday Slides

D W McMurtrie

13 Nov 1963


T Menzies McNeill

4 Jan 1933

Aerial Photography


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