Gaslight Photograph

Below is an extract from the EPS Meeting held on 5 April 1865:

Illustration of the application of Ordinary Gas

 to Portrait Photography

"Mr  Bow then intimated that by way of the practical illustration of the application of ordinary gas to portrait photography, arrangements had been made by which they would then proceed to take a negative of one of the members.  

He said that experiments showed that with the lenses and chemicals such as they were about to use, the production of a negative required the proper burning of about 9 cubic feet of gas, which cost about a halfpenny.   

One burner might consume this in fifty minutes, and fifty burners would do it in one minute, so that the time exposure would be altogether regulated by the number of burners brought into play.  They had arranged to table. 

Twenty-nine No 2 fish-tail burners, which would consume nine [cubic] feet in from seven to eight minutes; and if any of the members could sit for that time, he had no doubt a good negative could be obtained."

"Mr McGlashon and Mr Davies got a plate ready and took an 8 minute exposure of Mr W Neilson, who had undertaken to sit.  Mr Saddler then sat."    [BJP  1865]

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