McGlashan & Hill

Steel & Copperplate Printer

Alexander McGlashan was a Steel & Copperplate Printer from 1841 until at least 1874s.  He also turned to photography in the 1860s.

He worked with DO Hill and published an album in 1862, illustrated by the collodion process, titled:

“Towards the Further Development of Fine Art Photography”.

6th PSS Exhibition, Dec 1861

McGlashan & Hill exhibited 2 frames, each of 6 collodion photographs at the 6th PSS Exhibition, Dec 1861

The press wrote:

"The portraits of Messrs Hill & McGlashan, besides being well composed are very truthful and characteristic, ... are occasionally a little hard and course"  [The Scotsman:  1 January 1862]

A description of early photography by Alexander McGlashan can be found in a report of the Edinburgh Photographic Society Meeting held on  5 April 1865.     [BJP,  1865]

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McGlashon's Scottish Stereotgraphs

   stereo view in the "McGlashon's Scottish Stereotypes" series  -  The East Window of Holyrood Abbey ©

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Stereo Pairs

Edinburgh Castle

Holyrood - 4 views

Old Town - 2 views


Edinburgh Castle

Holyrood - 4 views

Old Town - 2 views


Edinburgh Castle

Holyrood  -  1   2  3

Old Town

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