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21-28 February 2017


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 Instagram and Twitter:  Please see my note at the end of this page.


I apologise to anybody who has been waiting a long time for an email response from me.  I still have a large backlog of emails to reply to.

-  On 20 February 2017, I had 574 emails to reply to.

-  But emails are still coming in faster than I can cope with them.
I how have
583 to reply to.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  28 February 2017.


Morningside Road Works 2017 ©

Feb 28, 2017

Road Works at Morningside   RSJ Question

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Feb 28, 2017

Cafés  Recollections 84, Replies 5+6,  'New York, New York'?   No!

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Feb 27, 2017

Instagram + Twitter  List at foot of this page updated

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Feb 22, 2017

Cafés  Recollections 84, Reply 3, Black & White Cafe, Location

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Feb 22, 2017

Cafés  Recollections 84, Reply 4, Black & White Cafe, 'The Allegro'?

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St Cuthbert's Milk Horse and Cart - Melville Drive 1976 ©

Feb 21, 2017

St Cuthbert's Milk Horse  Melville Drive beside The Meadows

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Feb 21, 2017

Cafés  Recollections 84, Reply 2,  Not Juicy Lucy's Cafe

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Feb 21, 2017

Milton House Primary School  Recollections 7, School visit

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Feb 21, 2017

James Clark School  Recollections 35,  Anne Sutherland

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Background Notes

Instagram + Twitter

It's a while since I last added many of my own photos to the EdinPhoto web site. 
(It can be quite time-consuming for me to add them to the site.)

However, I've continued to add some of my photos to  Instagram and TwitterYou can see them on either of these sites, but I recommend Instagram, so try clicking on  the top symbol on the left.

Photos that I've added Instagram and Twitter since 20 February 2017 include:

-  Edinburgh  (Snowdrops)

-  Edinburgh  Holyrood Park (Trees + Salisbury Crags)

-  Edinburgh  Lothian Road (Traffic + Footbridge)

-  Edinburgh  Princes Street (Traffic + Pedestrians)

-  Edinburgh Reflections

-  Midlothian (Dalkeith,  Tree at Sunset))

-  Midlothian (Pentland Hills,  Ramble)

-  Scottish Borders  (Soutra Hill,  Snowman)

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  28 February 2017


Lost Contacts

People sometimes recognise EdinPhoto contributors and ask to be put in touch with them.  I can usually help, but sometimes I find that their email addresses are no longer active,

Here are the some of the contributors who appear to have changed their email addresses.  If you find  your name below, can you please email me so that I have your latest email address. It is quite likely that somebody will have asked to contact you.   Thank you.

Christine Anderson (née Keith)

Duddingston, Edinburgh

Contributor 2008-12

Muriel Inch (née Keith)


Contributor 2008-13

(more names to follow)

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  28 February 2017



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