Frank Forsgard Manclark SLM

'The Leith Artist'

The Great Michael returns to Newhaven

Painting by Frank Forsgard Manclark, 'The Leith Artist'   -   Great Michael returns to Newhaven

   Frank Forsgard Manclark, Edinburgh.

The Great Michael

The Ship

The Great Michael was built at Newhaven for the Scottish navy in 1511.  She was the largest ship of her day, with 4 masts and more than 300 guns.   The true dimensions may never be known.

The fate of the ship is unknown.   Some believe that it was lost at sea.  There have been other reports that it burnt and that it was broken up and the timbers used for houses. ***

*** But, please see Reply 1 below




Steve Murdoch

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

The Ship

Thank you to Steve Murdoch, St Andrew's University, Scotland for telling me more about Michael, built at Newhaven.

Steve wrote:

"I have just completed a book on Scottish maritime warfare, 1513-1713 (academic rather than commercial).

The comments above, under the painting are wrong.

The Michael was in France at the time of Flodden.  She was sold to the French for half her build cost and served them as a fine vessel thereafter for many years."

Steve Murdoch, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland:  January 3, 2010


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