Reginald P Phillimore

Reginald Phillimore was a Victorian Artist.  He had a studio at North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland from which he produced many drawings for postcards.  He also produced guide books. 

Below are books that have been written about Reginald Phillimore and his art.

The Work of Reginald P Phillimore in old picture postcards

A book by Donald Lindgren

Rev. Donald Lindgren, who lives in East Lothian, the county where Reginald P Phillimore was based, wrote a book in the European Library series in 1991.

This book includes 76 of Phillimore's pictures, and gives some interesting background comments on many of them.

The illustrations include some of the rarer postcards produced by Phillimore.  There are many views of Edinburgh and of the Firth of Forth.

[ISBN 90 288 5264 6 / CIP]

Many thanks ot Donald Lindgren, and to the European Library, the publishers of the book above, for permission to reproduce some of the postcards and comments from this book.

The Bass Rock from the East

The first of two books by DE Beets

DE Beets, in September 2003, released the first to two books on the postcards of Reginald P Phillimore.  He has researched the work of Phillimore and has built up a large collection of Phillimore postcards, many of which have been posted between members of the Phillimore family.

The first book by DE Beets has 116 pages, A4 size, stapled with a cover illustrating one of Phillimore's views of the Bass Rock

It lists over 500 of Phillimore's numbered postcards.  It gives details of the wide variety of publishers and printers of Phillimore cards.  There are also comments and small illustrations of some of the artwork that Phillimore incorporated into the backs of some of his postcards.

In his second book, DE Beets intends to include illustrations of the fronts and backs of all the postcards that are available to him, and also sketches from Phillimore's own books.




Reginald P Phillimore

As well as his range of postcards, Reginald P Phillimore also produced some illustrated books.  I have not seen any of them, but I have been told about them.

Eric wrote:

The Bass Rock

"Just to let you know I pick up a lovely little book. with a great history about the area in which I live:

'The Bass Rock - its History and Romance'

with over 60 illustrations"

Eric, East Lothian, Scotland:  July 11, 2011



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