Alexander Gray Anderson

Post Cards

Alexander Gray Anderson gives the addresses of his business on the back of his postcards.  It was:

-  The Souvenir Shops of Scotland, The Arcade, Princes Street

On one of his cards, he also gave a second address:

-  37-39 Leith Street, Edinburgh

The Forth Rail Bridge

This postcard of the Forth Rail Bridge has Alex Gray Anderson's Princes Street and Leith Street addresses on the back.  This photo may well have been taken soon after the bridge was open.  Please click on the image below to view this card and read about it.

Postcard published by Alex G Anderson  -  The Forth Rail Bridge, possibly soon after construction in 1890

The Sky

Note the skies in all four photos below are all taken from the same or similar negatives.  These similar skies were added to each photo, no matter what direction the shadows were pointing in each!

The first three of these cards is published in the name of:

 -  Alexr. G Anderson, Arcade, Princes Street

The fourth of three of these cards is published in the name of:

 -  Holmes Real Photographic Series


Other Postcards

I also have a couple of other post cards with Alexr. G Anderson's name and address on the back  -  one of these is a Valentine view of Princes Street. 


Question 1

Were the David A P Anderson and Alexander Gray Anderson related to each other?


Alexander Gray Anderson married in 1905.  On his marriage certificate he was noted as being a leather merchant.

David AP Anderson was reported in the Edinburgh trade directories and in the 1881 census as once being a Fancy Leather Goods Manufacturer.

Having found two Andersons, both involved in the leather and photographic industries in Edinburgh, the question of whether or not they were related seems worth pursuing.

However, family history research, by Heather Fife, has not yet found any direct relationship.

[Thank you to Heather Fife whose great aunt married Alexander Gray Anderson in 1905 for the details above.]


Question 2

Did  Alexander Gray Anderson have any relatives in Aberdeen?  If you know, please e-mail me so that I can pass the message on to Gary Gray Anderson who asked the question.

-  Gary's father was Harry Gray Anderson, born in Aberdeen on the 23 Jan 1911.

Gary's grandparents  were John & Susan (Gray) Anderson, married in Aberdeen 24 Aug 1897.

- Gary's great grandparents  were John & Annie (Duncan) Anderson


Question 3

Was  Alexander Gray Anderson related to Mr Anderson who spoke at an early EPS Meeting?

 The report of the meeting said:

"Mr Anderson did not know how big photographers got on, but little people like himself found their baths opt to get out of order, even when every care seemed to be taken  ..."


Question 4

Was  Alexander Gray Anderson related to AS Anderson, Out Door Photographer, 5 Marchmont Crescent, Edinburgh?

I have one of A G Anderson's photos of what appears to be a mother and two children at the door of a newly constructed bungalow, perhaps 1930s.

The photograph is about 6 ins x 4 ins, mounted on card with a patterned border, 10 ins x 8 ins.  It may well still be under copyright, so I have not included it on this site.


Question 5

Matt Reynolds, Edinburgh, writes:

"I have some old evening party games with a sticker on the back of one packet reading

Alex G Anderson (The souvenir shop of Scotland)

 The arcade, Princes St, Edinburgh

and the other one reads

Andersons Albert Bazaar

The Arcade & 105 Princes Str. Edinburgh.

Is this the same person?"

I think it is almost certain that the first reference above will be to the photographer, Alex G Anderson, and I think it likely that the second reference will also be to the same man and/or to other members of his family.

If you have any information on Alex G Anderson or his  businesses in Princes Street, please e-mail me

Thank you.  -  Peter Stubbs:  February 13, 2007


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