Postcard published by Alexander G Anderson

The Forth Rail Bridge


The Forth Rail Bridge

Possibly photographed soon after construction

Postcard published by Alex G Anderson  -  The Forth Rail Bridge, possibly soon after construction in 1890

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jimmy Boner, Queensferry History Group



What date?

This postcard has been provided by Jimmy Boner, a member of the Queensferry History Group.


The card may well have been published around 1910 or 1920 (as for some of Alex G Anderson's other cards).  But when is the photo likely to have been taken?

 If you feel that you can help in dating it, please email me.  Thank you.

 I received the card with the following comment.

It is obviously after the bridge is complete in 1890. [There is a train passing over the bridge]

The viewing platform that was built for visitors can be seen.

There is a crane at the end of the wooden pier, possibly extending out from Hawes Pier.

This may be part of the bridge construction works, indicating that the photograph may have been taken around the time that the bridge was completed: 1890.


Here is another view of the bridge, but with a large wooden structure beside it.

Stereo view by Kilburn  -  The Forth Bridge