BW Kilburn

The Forth Bridge
and ferry at Hawes Pier

The Forth Bridge

Enlargement from a stereo view by Kilburn  -  The Forth Bridge with ferry at South Queensferry Pier

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The Forth Rail Bridge


In this view of the Forth Rail Bridge, the large wooden structure with its crane, beside the stone pier, suggests that the photograph was probably taken in 1890, the year that the bridge was opened.

Here is a photo taken by Valentine, also in 1890.  By the time that the Valentine photo was taken, the wooden structure and crane had been taken away.

Postcard by an unidentified publisher:  The Forth Rail Bridge

The Paddle Steamer

Thank you to John D Stevenson, Edinburgh, for the following details about the paddle steamer in this picture.  It was in the ownership of John Arthur and named "New Undaunted" when the photograph above was taken.

The photograph would have been taken some time between the opening of the Forth Bridge on 4 March 1890 and the registration of 'New Undaunted' at Inverness in 1893.


 at South Queensferry

The iron paddle steamer beside Hawes Pier in this view was built at Cobham Island in 1882.

Length  94.5ft.   Breadth 14.2ft.    Depth  7.0ft

GRT (Gross Registered Tonnage)  65

RHP (Rated Horsepower)  42




Port of Reg



R J Blyth

Great Yarmouth



John Arthur




John Black



broken up



The Forth Passage

The Forth Bridge was opened on 4 March 1890 and the lease of the "Queensferry Passage" was then sold to Captain John Arthur , by North British Railway, along with the paddle steamer 'JOHN BEAUMONT'.

John Arthur  had purchased  'NEW UNDAUNTED' , in 1887, and along with the launch 'DALMENY CASTLE' (1886) was  operating cruises from South Queensferry harbour to the bridge.

For the next four summers John Arthur operated the three vessels on excursions round the bridge, while maintaining  a minimal ferry service; all from Hawes Pier.  He retired in 1893 and  his vessels were sold.

The lease of the Queensferry Passage then passed to John Wilson of Bo'ness who for the next twenty .years maintained the service with the ex Tay Ferry 'FORFARSHIRE'.

With acknowledgement to John D Stevenson, Edinburgh, for the details above.

John Stevenson quotes the following sources for his information:  "A tale of Two Bridges ", "Steamers of the Forth" ,"Lloyds List" ,"Scotsman" ,"Fife Free Press" and private research.


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Stereoscopic view by BW Kilburn  -  The Forth Bridge, with ferry at South Queensferry Pier


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The Forth Bridge


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