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William Fairbairn


William Fairbairn

Studios Addresses

William Fairbairn had a photographic business at 10 and 15 Crown Street, Leith.  He named one or both of these premises Crown Studio, and advertised:  “Tram cars pass the door”.

The back of this cartes de visite featured a sketch of an artist’s brushes and palate surrounded by flowers.  On the palate was a picture of fir tree and a photographer with black cloth and camera on tripod.

William Fairbairn later moved to 70 +72 Leith and took over the premises previously occupied by Hugh McKay’s Reay Temperance Hotel & Restaurant.

One address that I have not found in any of the trade directories is 116 Fountain Bridge.  However, I have a pair of stereo prints by Fairbairn, with the address:  72 Leith Walk and 116 Fountain Bridge.

These are the addresses of William Fairbairn' studios taken from the Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directories:

10 Crown Street, Leith Walk


15 Crown Street, Leith Walk


72 Leith Walk


70 Leith Walk


83 High Street


116 Fountain Bridge




William Fairbairn

Waverley Photo Exhibition


I've been told about an Exhibition Medal awarded to William Fairbairn by
Gordon Burns who wrote:


"I have an interesting medal in my possession, and wondered if you could shed some light on it?

On one side it has a laurel wreath with the name:

 'Wm. Fairbairn Waverley Photo Exhibition'

On the other side, is a winged angel-like figure over very old- looking camera equipment.

Do you think this is an Edinburgh-based medal. It is made of bronze.

Gordon Burns:  December 5, 2010


William Fairbairn

Waverley Photo Exhibition


Thank you to Gordon Burns for contacting me again and sending these photos of the front and back of the medal that he described above.

The inscription on the back of the medal reads:



Won by



 Please click on the images of the medal below to enlarge them.

Front of Medal

   Waverley Photo Exhibition Medal awarded to W Fairbairn  -  Front ©

Back of Medal

   Waverley Photo Exhibition Medal awarded to W Fairbairn  -  Front ©


Acknowledgement:  Gordon Burns:  December 5, 2010


William Fairbairn

Exhibition Medal

Reply 1

"That sound like an Edinburgh-based medal to me.  I expect it would have come from an exhibition held at the Waverley Market in Edinburgh.

Here is a note about the exhibition held there in 1900, but that does not seem to be the one as I do not have William Fairbairn amongst the exhibition entrants that year.

Waverley Market Exhibition - 1900

I don't know in which other years photographic exhibitions were held there."

Peter Stubbs:  December 5, 2010


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