Photographic Exhibition

Waverley Market  -  1900


Annual Carnival

A photographic exhibition was held in connection with the annual Carnival at Waverley Market in December 1900. 

The British Journal of Photography published a note on the exhibition.  The note does not say who organised the exhibition, but Edinburgh's professional photographers appear to have been well represented.

The photographic exhibition formed a side-show within the Carnival public had to pay twice to view the exhibition, one payment to enter Carnival and a further payment to enter the exhibition. 

The journal reported that there were not many visitors inside the "two-penny photographic exhibition":

"Judging from the numbers seen inside on the occasion of our visits this mode of procedure - in spite of the loud-voiced invitations from the man at the door has not caught on."


Exhibition Judges

The judges for the exhibition were two prominent Members of Edinburgh Photographic Society:

-  the professional photographer James Patrick and

-  the amateur photographer James Burns.


Amateur Exhibits

The British Journal of Photography said:

"Pride of place is taken by the works of Alex Allan and E G Brown"


Professional Exhibits
   Class    Photographer Title of Photograph


1.  R Ayton
Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh

[no title] - a girl
(This print was believed to have been awarded a Medal at an earlier EPS Exhibition under the title Mistletoe)

2.  T Burns

A Lady

3. A R Edwards,

A Dog

Figure & Genre

1.  R Ayton
Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh

The 'Cellist

2.  W J Anchorn

The Good Yarn

3.  W D Brown,

The Tinsmith's Shop

Any subject
30" x 24"

1.  R Ayton

Child Study

2. William Mitchell,

On the Way to the Fields

3.  D H Munro,
Heriot Place, Edinburgh

Contemplation and Realisation

Carbon Enlargements and other subjects
30" x 24"

1. M & T Scott

[No title] - Old man with a plane  

2. H Ayton
Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh

Child Study

3.  A R Edwards, Selkirk

COMMENDED  WD Brown, Lanark The Fox's Den

Colour Work - Any subject

1.  R Ayton
Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh

Child Study

2.  R Ayton
Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh

Dog with Dog

3.  T H M Colledge, Innerleithen

Evening - A Quiet Road

Class 21

What category of work was this class for? 

The BJP report said:

 "This class has been added for some reason or another."

1.  W Norrie, Fraserburgh


2.  J H M Colledge, Innerleithen


3.  W Norrie, Fraserburgh



The report of this Exhibition appeared in BJP: 4 January 1901, p.12



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