Art Manufactures Association

1856 Exhibition

1856 Art Manufactures Exhibition


The Press advertised the exhibition:

"The Art"

The Art Manufacturers’ Exhibition 

in the 

New National Galleries

After dusk, the Galleries will be brilliantly lighted by gas.

Tapestries, wood carvings, moldings, &c.

  Admission 1/-:   children 6d.

The exhibition remained open for six weeks in December 1856 and January 1857, and attracted over 37,000 visitors.


1856 Art Manufactures Exhibition

Photographs Exhibited

The 1856 Exhibition included a wide range of works of Art.  This extract from the catalogue shows a couple of photographic exhibits sandwiched between other exhibits.  

Incidentally, the non-photographic item 98 was exhibited by AA Wellwood Maconochie.  He may, in fact, be the same person as the PSS Member Alan Maconochie Wellwood who contributed a special Award under his own name, to the 1860 PSS Exhibition. 

Below is how the photographers appeared amongst the other exhibitors in the exhibition catalogue:

96   Engraved Amphora, Engraved Decanters, Engraved Glasses,&c. 

97   Antoinne Claudet, London:  20 specimens of photography

97* De La Motte, London:               6 photographs

98   Two old pâté tendre vases on marble pedestals, Majolica Tile, &c.


There were two other London contributors and one from Edinburgh:

100  C Thurston, London:    Photograph of crystal cup, cabinet and other items from the Soulages Collection

186  J Mayall, London:          Collection of 12 photographs

194  G&D Hay, Edinburgh:  12 specimens of photography



The Board of Manufactures

The Board of Manufactures was originally established as The Board of Trustees for Manufactures in Scotland, in terms of an Act of Parliament in 1727 to:

"encourage and promote the fisheries or such other manufactures and improvements in Scotland as may most conduce to the general good of the United Kingdom."

[Notes on the Early History of the RSA:  George Harvey]



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