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1857 Exhibition

Art Manufactures Association

More Photographs this Year

The 1857 Art Manufactures Exhibition in Edinburgh attracted far more photographs than the 1856 Exhibition.  

This was partly due to several of the professional photographers in Edinburgh having chosen to display their work at "The Art" rather than at the PSS Exhibition.


Art Manufactures Association

Photographs Exhibited

Photographs were exhibited in the 1857 Exhibition by the following:

The catalogue (as last year) gives little description of the photographs.  However, a review of the contemporary Press reports is likely to provide further details.




DO Hill & R Adamson

-  Frames of Calotype Studies, entitled Fishermen and Wives of the Village of Newhaven 

-  Frame of Calotype Portraits

-  Frame of Calotype Studies

-  Frame of Calotype Portraits

The Hill & Adamson Partnership had ended with the death of Adamson about 10 years before this Exhibition

21 J Hogarth, London

-  Nineteen frames of photographs

29 JE Mayall, London

-  Two frames of uncoloured photographs

-  Four photographs coloured in Oil

-  A frame with 4 photographs coloured in Oil



Simson & McCraw

-  Photographs on Porcelain of a Lady [patent process]

-  Specimens of Photography

92 James Wood
Princes Street, Edinburgh
-  Specimens of Photography
93 Ivan Szabo
-  Specimens of Photography
99 Truefitt Brothers
-  Specimens of Photography
104 Ross & Thomson
-  Specimens of Photography




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