51 George Street

Reports in Photogrpahic Journals

The London Photographic Society reported in its journal of March 1854:

From Edinburgh, we hear of a Photographic Exhibition.  Among the pictures, the calotype portraits and proofs executed many years since by Mr DO Hill, and the late Mr R Adamson, are spoken of highly for artistic effect.   The collection contains about 300 pictures.

[Journal of the Photographic Society, No 15:  March 21, 1854:  Page 177]



51 George Street

Advertisements in Newspapers


Several adverts also appeared in the Edinburgh newspapers during 1854 for this photographic exhibition.  It was held at 51 George Street. 

These adverts are normally brief, as below, and none that I have found makes any mention of which organization or individuals sponsored or organized this exhibition.

However the advert below in the North British Advertiser for an earlier exhibition refers to 51 George Street as being the Architectural Institute Hall.

Photographic Exhibition

Will open tomorrow, Thursday, in the

HALL, 51 George Street

Admittance One shilling

[The Scotsman:  8 March 1854, pa


Photographic Exhibition

Open Daily from Ten till Five, in the HALL

51 George Street

Admittance One shilling

[North British Advertiser:  11 March 1854]


Photographic Exhibition

Open in the HALL

51 George Street

Admittance One shilling

A number of interesting Pictures have just
been sent by Professor Hunt and others.

[Edinburgh Evening Courant:  21 March 1854]
[Also, similar adverts without final sentence 7, 9, 11 March 1854]


Photographic Exhibition

Open Daily from Ten till Five, in the HALL

51 George Street

Several Pictures from Professor Hunt and Stereoscopic Views by J Stewart etc. showing the Waves of the Sea taken instantaneously &c. &c. have just been added to the Collection.

Price of admission reduced to SIXPENCE

A copy of Mr Rodger's Paper on his own mode of taking pictures by the Collodion process will, by permission of the Royal Scottish Society of Arts be found on the table for inspection.

[The Scotsman:  1 April 1854]

Press Article

This account of the exhibition appeared in The Scotsman on 25 Mar 1854:

"It will be seen from our advertising columns that the exhibition of photogrpahic pictures, which we some time ago aluded to, is still open daily in the large hall, 51 George Street.  This is the first exhibition of the kind which has been presented here, and our readers will do well to avail themselves of the opportunity of examining a collection of so many excellent specimens of this extraordinary invention.  Some of these are perfectly marvellous - the stereoscopic views especially.

We venture to suggest that the exhibition should be opened in the evening, and the price of admission lowered, in order that our artisans may have the gratification of seeing what wonders the photographic art, though still in its infancy, has achieved."

[The Scotsman, 25 March 1854, page 2]

51 George Street was the Architectural Institute Hall  See advert below.


Before the Photographic Exhibition ...


51, George Street, Edinburgh

The Hall at 51 George Street had been used in 1854, until 30 March, to house an Exhibition of the Prize Paintings of the Art Union of Glasgow.
[North British Advertiser 26/2/1854]



Exhibition of Prize Paintings etc. in Edinburgh

Opens Sat 28 January 1854

in the Architectural Institute Hall

51, George Street

Nearly 70 Paintings

Cards of admission are now being liberally circulated amongst the Patrons of the Fine Arts, and, to prevent the Hall being overcrowded SIXPENCE will be charged to those not having tickets.

[North British Advertiser:  21 January 1854]

During the 20th century, Lyon & Turnbull's Auction Rooms were at this address..  Now, many of the banks and other offices in George Street have been converted to shops, restaurants and night clubs.  No 51 is now a Laura Ashley shop.



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