The National Galleries

The map below shows Edinburgh in 1870.  The street lay-out is the same today, over 130 years later.

The Old Town

Edinburgh Old Town is in the lower portion of this map.  The Royal Mile runs from the Castle, lower left corner, to Holyrood Palace, just off the map.  There are narrow lanes or closes on either side of the Royal Mile. 

The New Town

By contrast, the New Town, with its regular pattern of broad streets, can be seen top-left.  It was in the New Town that many of Edinburgh's professional photographers set up their studios in Princes Street.  

The Photographic Society of Scotland and Edinburgh Photographic Society also held their meetings in the New Town, in George Street and Queen Street.


Central Edinburgh  -  1870

Central Edinburgh  -  Key superimposed on a map of 1870  -  Edinburgh Castle  -  The National Galleries  -  St Giles Church

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YELLOW = Princes St and the Royal Mile

     ORANGE= Hanover St and the Mound

GREEN = National Galleries

BLUE = Edinburgh Castle

RED = St Giles Church




The National Galleries


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