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Alexander Adam Inglis (1)


Alexander Adam Inglis (1)

Early work

Edinburgh Public Library has a collection of over 160 photographs and an album of photographs taken by Alexander Adam Inglis, from 1854 onwards – long before he first appeared in the Edinburgh trade directories as a professional photographer.

[This date seems suspect, unless there was an earlier Alexander Adam Inglis than the one referred to as Alexander Adam Inglis (1) on this page.  He wound have been aged about seven in 1854]


Alexander Adam Inglis (1)

Landscape and Architectural Photographer

Alexander Adam Inglis(1) was born in Aberdeen in 1847 or 1848.  He joined Edinburgh Photographic Society on 6 December 1882.  [BJP:  1882, p.736].    

He produced many views of Edinburgh, both cartes de visite and  larger formats, as in the album below.  Please click here to see some of its contents.

Frontispiece to Edinburgh Album of Photogrpahs by Alex A Inglis

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For thirty-five years from 1881, he was, a professional Landscape and Architectural Photographer, based at Rock House, Calton Hill  -  the house used by Hill & Adamson for their calotype work in 1843-47.

His wife, Christian Caird Inglis, described her occupation as Photographer's Wife.  [1891 Census]   Perhaps this was a full time occupation!  

The Inglis family continued to work from Rock House, as photographers until 1949.


Alexander Adam Inglis (1)


Most of the photos that I have seen, taken by Alexander Adam Inglis (1),  have been views including many townscapes of Edinburgh.

However, he also produced portraits.  Here is one of his cabinet prints:

Cabinet print from the Rock House studio of Arthur A Inglis,  Lady and baby, 1895 ©

Please click on the image above to enlarge it and read about it.


Alexander Adam Inglis (1)

Royal Warrant Photographer

Alexander Adam Inglis was Royal Warrant Photographer to King Edward VII, then to Royal Warrant Photographer to King George V from 1907 until 1911.


Alexander Adam Inglis (1)


He won a silver medal in the1886 EPS Exhibition, and records the fact on the back of his cartes de visite.

In the 1890 EPS Exhibition, he exhibited 4 silver prints and 10 bromide prints of Edinburgh.

Another exhibitor at the 1890 PS Exhibition was AC Inglis junior.  He exhibited two bromide prints.  Was he related to Alexander Adam Inglis?

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