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George Kilgour

54 Cockburn Street

George Kilgour appeared briefly in the Edinburgh Trade Directories, based at 54 Cockburn Street, 1907-1910.

The address on the front of one of his Cabinet Prints is given as:

Geo. Kilgour - Edinburgh & Saltcoats.

Claude Low also appeared in the Edinburgh Trade Directories based at 54 Cockburn Street, 1898-1909.

Did these two photographers work together, or was it a case of Claude Low continuing to appear in the trade directories for a couple of years after he had left 54 Cockburn Street?


I don't have any postcard portraits by George Kilgour, so I appreciate having received the two below from Paul Wilson, formerly of Edinburgh, now living in Aberdeen.

Postcard Portrait by George Kilgour  -  Albert Tibbetts

Albert Tibbetts

  Postcard portrait by George Kilgour

Boys' Brigade Bugler

Phil Wilson wrote:

"Although the second postcard is unmarked on the back, it has the same scenic backdrop. I know this card dates pre-1910 as the particular BB Company involved was disbanded in that year."