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Claude Low


Claude Low

Cabinet Print

3 Generations of the Young Family

Cabinet print by Claude Low:  Three generations of the Young family 

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Russell Young, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Thank you to Russell Young, great grandson of the Edinburgh and Hawick photographer, George Oman, for providing this photograph.

-  The child in this photo is James Young, (b.1901)

    Grandson of the  photographer, George Oman

-  The young man is David Young (b. 1872).

    He married Jemima Oman daughter of George Oman (1900).

-  The older man is James Young (b. 1837), father of David Young

Early 1900s

This cabinet print appears to have been produced around 1903, about the time that Claude Low's studio opened in Aberdour.

Cabinet prints were very popular from the late 1860s until around 1900, but most photographers seem to have moved on to other formats in the very early 1900s.


Claude Low


Post Card - 1

Post Card Portraits  -  Claude Low - Post Card 1

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Post Card - 2

Post Card Portraits  -  Claude Low - Post Card 2

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Post Card - 3

Post Card Portraits  -  Claude Low - Post Card 3

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Claude Low  -   More Postcards

Please click here to see thumbnail images of more Claude Low postcards.

Please click the thumbnail  below  to see another postcard portrait with an aeroplane:

Post card portrait - 4 ladies in an 'aeroplane' - similar to a photograph from the studio of Chris Low 


Claude Low?


Portrait of three in a studio car.  Who was the photographer? 

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Here is another post card, with a similar backdrop to post card 1 above.  Was this also taken by Claude Low.  It has no name and address on the back.


Claude Low

Comments on the Postcards

Cars and Plane

The first postcard above features a car in front of a backdrop showing a scene looking to the East along Princes Street towards the National Galleries of Scotland, the Scott Monument and the North British Hotel.  The address on the back of this postcard us Claude Low's studio at 72 Princes Street.

The other two postcards above also have Claude Low's address at 72 Princes Street on the back.

I have also seen a cabinet print by Claude Low featuring a group sitting in a studio boat with a backdrop of the Forth Rail Bridge,  on display in Robert D Clapperton's Daylight Photographic Studio, Selkirk.

This cabinet print bore the address: Claude Low,26 Montrose Terrace, Edinburgh.  This is not a studio address that I have found in any of the trade directories.


Question 1

Can anybody tell me where these photos were taken.  My original thought was that they would have been taken at the address on the back of the picture.  i.e. Claude Low's studio at 72 Princes Street.

However, it has now been suggested to me that they may have been taken at the Waverley Market Carnival.

The negative numbers have been  placed on the car radiator.  The car seems to have been well used.  I have postcards with numbers:

-    493:  two men in bowler hats

-  1206:  two young men in flat caps

-  1751:  family

With acknowledgement to Stanley K Hunter for raising this question.


Claude Low

Studios in other Cities

Claude (or Claud) Low had studios in Edinburgh between 1896 and 1910.  On the back of his carte de visite from 54 Cockburn Street, he advertised studios in:

- Aberdour

- Portobello

- Roslin

According to the Fife trade directories, Claude Low's studio in Aberdour appears  to have operated from 1903 until 1914.  It was based at Shore Road, Aberdour.

From 1914 onwards, the studio at this address was M Low & Co.  I don't know who M Low was.

Another of Claude Low's adverts also listed branches at:

- London

- Blackpool

- Rothesay

- Dunoon

- Largs

- etc.


Question 2

Portobello Studio

Can anybody tell me in which years Clause Low's studio at Portobello operated?

Derek Burnett has shown me Claude Low cabinet print of a donkey and trap which I believe may well have come from his studio at Portobello - despite the fact that the signpost in the backdrop is to Pretoria and the scenery in the backdrop looks African, rather than Scottish

I think the photo would probably have been taken between about 1890 and 1905.  Many photographers appear to have stopped producing cabinet prints around 1900, and almost all appear to have stopped by 1905.

If you can tell me anything about Claude Low's studio in Portobello,  please email me.  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  April 3, 2010