Professional Photographer

James Lamb

Leith Studio

James Lamb was a professional photographer.  He was based at 84 Constitution Street from 1885 to 1893.

Was James related to John Lamb who had a photographic studio at 101b Princes Street from 1878 to 1900?

Cabinet Prints

I have just one cabinet print by James Lamb.  On the back of it, he advertised, using a purple-inked rubber stamp:

Portrait and Landscape Photographer


84 Constitution Street


Extra copies of this photo can always be had sending to above address

Orders taken for Enlargements in Oil up to Life Size

Speciality in Out-Door Photography

The one cabinet print that I have by James Lamb is an out-door photograph of a family group.  See below.

South Queensferry Studio

There was also a photographer named James Lamb with a studio at South Queensferry from 1897 to 1903.  I have not yet discovered whether or not this was the same man as the Leith photographer?


James Lamb

84 Constitution Street, Leith


Cabinet Print by James Lamb  -  Out-door portrait of a family     The back of a Cabinet Print by James Lamb  -  Out-door portrait of a family

Outdoor Portrait of a family



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More cartes de visite and cabinet prints can be found on the Newhaven Fishwives page.


John Lamb

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