John Lamb

[James Lamb in one directory]



John Lamb was a Portrait and Landscape Photographer, with studios in:

-   Edinburgh from 1878 

-   Gorebridge, Midlothian, from 1901.

The first reference I have found in the trade directories to John Lamb, professional photographer, was in 1878 .

But in advertising his studio at 101b Princes Street he gave a much earlier date (below).  Presumably he took over the negatives from an earlier photographic studio.


J Lamb  -  late Devine

Artist, Photographer and Portrait Painter

All negatives taken since 1859 carefully preserved 

Copies can be had at any time

Old photos enlarged in every size up to that of life and
painted in Oil on Canvas &c.   Miniatures painted on Ivory

J Lamb, having acquired the entire Stock of Negatives taken by the firm of Ross & Pringle 103 Princes Street, Edinh. from 1860 to the present date

Copies can be had in the various styles

John Lamb gave fuller details of the types of photography he offered and negatives held on the backs of his Cabinet Prints.


Cartes de Visite

Carte de Visiet by John Lamb  -  Front

  Copyright: For permission to reproduce,
please contact

Carte de Visite by John Lamb  -  back

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On the back of the carte de visite above, John Lamb advertises under the name 'Lamb late Devine'.  

-  Peter Devine had been based at 101b Princes Street, 1861-77

-  John Devine was based at 101b Princes Street in 1878.

-  John Lamb was based at 101b Princes Street, 1878-1900.

The back of the carte de visite above also says:  All negatives taken since 1859 carefully preserved.  Whose negatives was he referring to?


EPS Member

James Lamb became a member of Edinburgh Photographic Society from the 1887-88 session.



John Lamb was awarded a medal by the Mechanics Institution of Aberdeen, dated 3 December 1853. 

[This information comes from Karin Waddell, a relation of John Lamb of Aberdeen, who tells me that the family still has photographs, artwork and a book about John Lamb.]




Please click the picture below to see a painting in oil by J Lamb

Please click the letter below to get a better view of the letterhead and of John Lamb's signature.

Letter from 'Lamb, late Devine'  -   written 1884


Thank you to Alison Campbell for telling me about two paintings by John Lamb being offered for sale on eBay.  Alison wrote:

"These are copies of original earlier 19th century miniatures.

They have John Lamb's label on the back."

Alison Campbell:  May 23, 2010.

I don't know how much these two paintings sold for.



  1. Was John Lamb, above, the same man as PSS member, John Lamb of Aberdeen who exhibited:

-  10 photographs in the 3rd PSS Exhibition in 1858

-  13 photographs at the 6th PSS Exhibition in 1861,

    most for sale at 5/- each

  1. Was this the same photographer as the EPS member in 1890 named John Lamb?

  2. Was John Lamb related to James Lamb who had a photographic business specialising in out-door photography, based at 84 Constitution Street, Leith from 1885 to 1893


John Lamb

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