Lawrie & Mitchell

Studio  -  25 North Bridge


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Lawrie & Mitchell's Studio

Lawrie & Mitchell's studio was on the top floor of the buildings in the distance at the left side of the street in this photograph of the North Bridge taken by JCH Balmain in 1886.

“Lawrie & Mitchell,  Artists,  

25 North Bridge,  

Overlooking Railway

Instantaneous portraits of children.  

Out-of-doors work of all kinds

Cartes de visite 

Extra copies 1/- each,    6 for 4/6

Enlarged  -  painted in Oil and Water colour from 10/6

The backs of their cartes de visite had elaborate decoration - a scene including a figure, rose, river with river bank and sailing boat.

The partnership changed addresses several times.  For 5 years from 1874 they had a studio advertised as being at:

"51 Princes Street 

nearly opposite the Scott Monument"




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