Alexander Lawrie

Established When?

The first record I can find of Alexander Lawrie being a professional photographer is in 1866.

Here is detail from the back of a carte de visite by A Lawrie, describing him as successor to Duchauffour & McIntyre at 31 Whitfield Place

 Detail from the back of a carte de visite by A Lawrie, successor to Duchauffour & McIntyre ©

When and where was Alexander Lawrie’s photographic business first established?

Some of his cartes de visite say: 

 “Photographed at the Oldest Establishment in Leith”. 

Other cartes de visite, form 1872 or later, when Alexander Lawrie was photographer, artist, gilder and frame maker, refers to:

“Leith Photographic Institute - Established 1854” 

Further details of Alexander Lawrie and his family can be found on the 1881 Census page.



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