A Lawrie

Carte de Visite

This carte de visite dates from 1866-71, when A Lawrie was based at Whitfield Place.

 Carte de Visite by A Lawrie  -  front       Carte de Visite by A Lawrie  -  back

Here, we zoom in on the detail on the back of a carte de visite by A Lawrie.  He describes himself as successor to Duchauffour & McIntyre.   (A Lawrie is not the only person to have spelt their name incorrectly.)

I am unsure about the numbering of the buildings in Whitfield Place. 
Dauchaffour & McIntyre's business was based at 33 + 34 Whitfield Place. 
A Lawrie's business was listed in the trade directories at 30, then 29 Whitfield Place.

Detail from the back of a carte de visite by A Lawrie, successor to Duchauffour & McIntyre

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