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HMS Vivid

Postcard from Morriso's Studio  -  perhaps   - Sailor  -  HMS Vivid

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Alister Munro


HMS Vivid

Thank you to Alister Munro for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of a sailor wearing a cap from HMS Vivid.

Alister send me this photo after seeing the photograph of a sailor from HMS Zedwhale (below).  It has a similar surround and was taken in Morrison's studio, Edinburgh.

HMS Zedwhale

    Postcard from Morriso's Studio - Sailor  -  HMS Zedwhale

Alister does not know whether or not this photo comes from an Edinburgh studio.

Alister wrote:

"I believe that the this photo is of my cousin on my father's side.  They all lived in Morayshire, Scotland.

I don't know if was taken in Morrisons studio.

Perhaps the ship was in at Leith."

Alister Munro, November 15, 2007


I have now received another similar postcard portrait from Morrison's Studio.  It appears that the name on the sailor's cap in Morrison's postcard portraits does not necessarily match the ship that the man sailed on.

Please click on the thumbnail image below to read more.

Postcard from Morriso's Studio  -  Sailor  -  HMS Gibraltar  -  John, Deck Hand 

-  Peter Stubbs:  December 8, 2007


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